Door inzet van ADR gecertificeerde chauffeurs, en materiaal dat is uitgerust voor het vervoer van ADR en gevaarlijke goederen kunnen wij u hier ook volledig in ontzorgen. Dit geld voor zowel deelpartijen als voor complete vrachten.

Goods that fall under the ADR can of course be transported by us. All our drivers have the required ADR diploma with which they are demonstrably well trained for the transport of these goods. Furthermore, all our trucks have a complete and approved ADR equipment. All classes can be transported by us, with the exception of class 1 (explosive) and class 7 (radioactive).

If you have loads or complete loads that need to be transported or picked up to a location in France, we are happy to assist you.

Our core activity is international transport to and from France. Do you have goods that need to be transported to France? Or do you want to have your goods transported from France to the Netherlands? Then you have come to the right place.